Titlar: The Magicians’ Guild, The Novice & The High Lord
Författare: Trudi Canavan
Serie: The Black Magician Trilogy (3 böcker)
Betyg: 4/5

Canavan‘s trilogy is about a world more or less run by magicians. Our main character is a mere street urchin, who surprisingly turns out to have great magical potential. So great in fact that she is not able to control it. The first book is all about the magicians’ hunt for this girl, as they try to save the city from getting burnt to rubble by her renegade powers. The cool thing about this book is how there aren’t any legible badguys. The main character is nice enough, the magicians mean well… and the no badguy thing is strangely refreshing.

I would say that The Novice is the weakest link in Canavan‘s trilogy. It is the typical boarding school story, you know the ingredients: the hero does not fit in, the teachers are unfair, there is this one student who is really mean to her, but that is okay because our hero has a nice mentor that she likes… It all gives you a bit of a Hogwarts-feeling. Unlike Harry Potter though, The Novice is not completely PG-13, thank god.

The strength of Canavan‘s trilogy are the constant twists and turns and an amount of unconventional material (ironically enough, fantasy is often very conservative, don’t you agree?) Here we get gay male love and women who shag multiple partners, which feels extremely liberating in the genre.