Titel: 1984
Författare: George Orwell
Betyg: 5/5

Published in 1949, this book portrays a future dystopia, where cameras watch your every step and troublemakers are quickly disposed of. The main character is a middle aged, middle class citizen. His job is to alter ”obsolete information” in newspapers, but he’s got this nagging feeling that something must be amiss.

It’s a harsh, cruel world that is revealed to the reader. Freedom of speech has not existed for a long time — freedom of thought barely does either. Love between family members is an exception to the rule; friends you do not have; constant war rages. The disturbing thing is that you do understand how they got there, and how easily we also could end up with a world just like it. Orwell does a very good job, creating a scaringly credible dystopia that still hasn’t lost its edge after so many years.

As many other books, 1984 is divided into different parts. My rating reflects what I thought about the first parts of the book. The last part was a bit too Clockwork Orange for me. (Now, I love A Clockwork Orange, so don’t get me wrong. The theme just didn’t work as well in this book.)

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