Titel: Brisingr
Författare: Cristopher Paolini
Serie: Inheritance Cycle (nr. 3 av 4)
Betyg: 1/5

Reading the third book in line, I could not help but wonder why.

Why am I reading this?

Paolini‘s way of telling the story keeps bugging me immensely. Every single moment overflows with unnecessary details and stray thoughts. The details are probably meant to help creating a more diverse fantasy world, but they just don’t. It causes irritation, because the plot comes to a complete halt every other page, for us to marvel at some boring banner, legend or feeling. As for feelings – although the constant complaints and general emoness of the main character is realistic, it is utterly annoying.

Brisingr was supposed to be the last book in the ‘trilogy’, but it became too long so there are going to be four books. Maybe if Paolini did not feel the need to tell us of every single time his main character takes a bath, the trilogy would actually have consisted of three books?

Also, it bugs me that the illustration on the Swedish cover is faulty. The dragon is supposed to be missing one of its front legs. Why isn’t it?