Titel: American Psycho
Författare: Bret Easton Ellis
Betyg: 5/5

Patrick Bateman is a rich psychopath, living in uptown New York. In American Psycho we learn about his everyday life, from the competitive dinners with co-workers to the evenings in his apartment, where he tortures and kills unfortunates to cross his path.

(In)famous for its physical violence and crude sexual nature, American Psycho continues to entice readers. Way worse than the movie, the descriptions of Bateman‘s torture sessions grow very graphic over time. This book certainly should not be read by easily upset persons. Bateman is a detestable main character, and the people around him are not much better.

Common side effects of reading this book might include revulsion, nausea and a loss of your belief in humanity. A very good book indeed, that you might want to consider owning. Though… somebody really ought to make a good-looking cover for it. I’m just saying.