Originaltitel: Dreamcatcher
Svensk titel: Drömfångare
Författare: Stephen King
Betyg: 3/5

Four childhood friends – now grown men – go for a hunting trip and end up in the middle of an alien invasion. The aliens are actually symbiotic creatures, but humans being a faulty host for them, things take a nasty turn to blood and gore.
I saw the film first, and I must say the book and the film are close to identical. The book of course offers a much better medium for explaining the way the aliens are constructed and how the telepathy works. Another strenght of the book is the detailed characterization of all its characters – something you definitely do not get anything of in the film.

Overall though, the movie is a surprisingly exact re-telling of King‘s original story, and made me feel like I had read the book once already.

If you want depth, read the book. If you just want entertainment, go see the movie.