Titel: Lolita
Författare: Vladimir Nabokov
Betyg: 3/5

Lolita is one of those famous classic books. It is famous because millions of people read it over the years and found it utterly disturbing. I can understand why.

Lolita is about this full-grown man who during his whole life is attracted to pre-teens, until he ultimately falls in love with 12-year-old Lolita. This is not the reason the book is disturbing. The disturbing part is that the whole book is written from the man’s perspective, which makes the reader relate to him. You will find yourself cheering for him, thinking: ‘Oh my god, just kiss her already!’ And that, my friend, is disturbing.

Do not forget to take some French classes before reading Lolita, because Nabokov keeps putting in words and sometimes long long sentences completely in French. If you, like me, do not know French, you miss out.