Titel: The Orc King
Författare: R.A. Salvatore
Serie: Transitions (nr. 1 av 3)
Betyg: 4/5

The Orc King is the first book in a brand new trilogy (‘Transitions‘) by Forgotten Realms writer R.A. Salvatore. It starts where The Hunter’s Blades trilogy ended – the orc invasion having been brutally crushed. The orc leader has started his own kingdom and intends for his people to live peacefully side by side with the dwarves… The other orcs are not amused. The dwarves most certainly aren’t. So what now? Is the mere idea of orcs cooperating with other races that absurd? Well, uh… yeah.
The Orc King is a much needed trilogy in the fantasy world. At least I am pretty tired about orcs being utterly evil and stupid and hating everything and each other (honestly, how do they survive as a race?) Salvatore gives the orcs names, faces, heroes… hey, even women and children! I am looking forward to much on this subject in the upcoming Transitions books.

Orcs not your cup of tea? Then consider Drizzt Do’Urden and company, because they are in here as well, along with an epilouge set a hundred years into the future <— way cool!