Titel: Vägen till Jerusalem
Författare: Jan Guillou
Serie: The Knight Templar (Crusades) (1st of 3 books)
Betyg: 3/5

Vägen till Jerusalem is the first book in Guillou‘s famous trilogy about the Swedish Crusaders. We get to know a little boy named Arn as he grows up at a monestary, whereafter he leaves it as a teenager. Totally oblivious about the viles of the outside world, he accidentally manages to get robbed, accused of murder and guilty of having ‘dubious connections’ with two different women. Poor little Arn
Author Jan Guillou writes the book in an old-fashioned way and, seriously, the book is worth reading solely for the language. This is, in Swedish. If you are not Swedish or if you do not find templar knights to be very fascinating, you can skip it without a bad conscience.