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Title: My Own Kind of Freedom
Author: Steven Brust
Rating: 4/5

My Own Kind of Freedom is a novella (about fifty pages from being a short story) that takes place in between the show Firefly and the film Serenity. Technically a fan fic, but written by a real author.

Haven’t seen Firefly? Then what the eff are you waiting for man?

gets the feeling just right; reading his story actually feels like watching an episode of Firefly. All the characters got their own distinct mannerisms pinpointed exactly, often in a manner that makes you smile. Brust even lets the characters speak in Chinese sentences in all the right places, which is darn admirable! (Admittedly I don’t know Chinese, so he could just be making up words as he goes.)

A must-read for any Firefly fan – totally unnecessary for everyone else.
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