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Titel: Mystic Warrior
Författare: Tracy & Laura Hickman
Serie: The Bronze Canticles (nr. 1 av, hittills, 3 böcker)
Betyg: 3/5

Inanimate objects speak to Gaelen, and he is therefore shipped off with other ”crazy” people to be executed. In another world a faerie is desperately seeking for a way to save her threatened people, and takes an interest in the fate of Gaelen. In yet another world, a lowly goblin finds a machine. It ticks.
Much more does not have time to happen in Mystic Warrior, since it is a very short book. The book would actually have benefited from being longer. As it is, there is simply too little material to create any long-lasting interest for the plot.

I recognize a lot of promise from the book though, as it at least tries to be original. I might read the next book in line one day, I just fail to feel very excited about it.

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