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Titel: The Pirate King
Författare: R.A. Salvatore
Serie: Transitions (nr. 2 av 3)
Betyg: 1/5

Om The Orc King var spännande, nyskapande och bra på alla sätt och vis, så är The Pirate King en förolämpning av läsarens intelligens. What an utter load of crap. Vad hände med orcherna? Vad blev det av förra bokens klipphängare? Varför ägnades hur många kapitel som helst åt en helt onödig resa till Icewind Dale som inte hade någonting alls med intrigen att göra??? De åkte upp dit, letade efter Wulfgar, hittade inte Wulfgar, trodde att Wulfgar var död, var ledsna, hittade Wulfgar, var glada, åkte hem…

I huvudintrigen var det ett krig och den goda sidan vann.
Nu behöver du aldrig läsa boken.
Lyckligt slut <3

Titlar: The Crystal Shard, Streams of Silver & The Halfling’s Gem
Författare: R.A. Salvatore
Serie: The Icewind Dale Trilogy (3 böcker)
Betyg: 2/5

The Icewind Dale Trilogy comes after the Dark Elf Trilogy from the same author, making it the second trilogy in order (although the first one to be written). It is not one of Salvatore‘s better trilogies, as far as I’m concerned.

The first book concentrates on introducing all the characters. It is done properly, but the plot suffers from it. Yawn. The trilogy does not gain momentum until its second book, Streams of Silver. The main plot is interesting, with the friends out on a quest to find the legendary Mithral Hall. Strange places are visited, evil monsters slain, epic weapons found – never a dull moment. The Halfling’s Gem rounds everything up and the story ends. Pretty neat book, though not more nor less than you would expect. (Got the best cover art for sure.)

The Icewind Dale Trilogy is probably worth more if you read it after having read some of Salvatore‘s later works. That way, the story (especially the first book) may feel more interesting than it actually is. Having read later books you know Drizzt and his friends as full-fledged heroes – and to see them still in the beginning of their lives is… well, sweet.

Titel: The Legend of Drizzt Omnibus (serieroman)
Författare: Andrew Dabb & R.A. Salvatore
Illustratör: Tim Seeley
Rating: 4/5

The comic adaption of the Dark Elf Trilogy, describing the beginning of the drow Drizzt Do’Urden‘s life. Written under close supervision of Salvatore it is illustrated with a great care for details. And it is oh-so-pretty.

I walk over to my bookcase just to pet it every now and then.

Materialistic bliss at its best.

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