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Titel: The Man Who Laughs
Story: Ed Brubaker
Illustrations: Doug Mahnke
Rating: 3/5

The first Batman comic I ever read, so bear with me. It is a very short one (under 70 pages) about the first time Gotham meets the Joker. Batman has been fighting evil for some time, but is still not a well-established super hero in the city. The intro of the story is excellent, as are the illustrations, but the ending feels a bit sudden and pointless.

Titel: Made of Wood
Story: Ed Brubaker
Illustrations: Patrick Zircher
Rating: 2/5

Another story by Brubaker in the same album, taking place several years later. A couple of unsolved murders that happened 50 years ago resurfaces and Batman takes help from the Green Lantern to solve them.

Waaay too much of this storyline is about the Green Lantern, and he is a boring motherfucker of a super hero to be honest.

If you, like me, lose interest for the plot, it sure is not worth it. I spent most of the story wondering why neither Batman nor the Green Lantern were old men, which they should have been after all this time(?)

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