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För ett tag sedan avslöjade Feuerzeug sanningen om bloggkatter. Det hela resulterade i en utmaning där det gällde att återskapa en specifik bild. Bilden visar hur den typiska bokbloggaren tillbringar sina kvällar — det vill säga med bok och drink i högsta hugg och den mycket skeptiska lika bokdyrkande bloggkatten vid sin sida.

Så här ser förstås alla mina tisdagskvällar ut:

Hur var din?

Originaltitel: A Man Without a Country
Svensk titel: En man utan land
Författare: Kurt Vonnegut
Betyg: 3/5

By writing books like Cat’s Cradle and Slaughterhouse-Five, Vonnegut guaranteed himself a lot of fame. For over fifty years he wrote about modern society with a dark, yet playful, sense of humor. A Man Without a Country is a collection of short stories that was published in 2005, making it the last book Vonnegut wrote before he died in 2007.

A Man Without a Country
is Vonnegut‘s take on life during the Bush regime and the ongoing oil crisis. It is nothing you have not heard before, and Vonnegut does the unforgivable mistake of mixing up Switzerland and Sweden in one of his short stories.

Still, his observations are relevant, his wit sharp and the collection an easy read. He rants a bit about people being stupid, but he does so with a shrug of his shoulders. ‘I am an old man’, he seems to say, ‘If the world is fucked up… well, at least it is not my problem anymore.’

I can imagine him typing the last couple of sentences with a smile on his lips.

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