Titel: Batman and Son
Författare: Grant Morrison
Illustratörer: Andy Kubert, Jesse Delperdang and John Van Fleet
Betyg: 3/5

One of the more impressive scenes of Batman & Son is the one in which Batman fights a never-ending hoard of man-bats in a pop art gallery. The pop art pictures are used to illustrate many of the sound effects in a most humouristic way (a picture with a ”WOW” speech bubble hanging over a gorgeous woman, for example).

Otherwise, Morrison‘s way to tell the story leaves a lot to wish for. Sometimes he lets a character seemingly imply something, never to bring the subject back up again. At other times Morrison completely drops a storyline and nothing is ever spoken of it again, as he starts a new arc. Talia al Ghul is the most tangible disappointment, as she acts very irrational and out of character.

Interestingly enough, Morrison has Alfred to read Artemis Fowl in one arc. Alfred ought to be at last 50 years too old for that, no?